The Lab is a custom cabinetry and furniture shop located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the Lab we pride ourselves in creating high-end furniture and cabinetry. We source the best and most visually appealing materials, whether they are environmentally friendly low-VOC products, exotic hardwoods, or specially ordered veneer flitches. In our quest for the highest quality, The Lab routinely produces our own veneered panels when commercially available products don’t meet our standards. We also offer in-house finishing, assuring that every step of the process is an opportunity to imbue our work with the highest quality workmanship. Our depth of knowledge combined with a wide range of quality suppliers enables us to produce work that pleases and impresses our clients. We excel at the unusual and the creative.

The Lab at Ingrained Wood Studios is housed in a newly renovated 6000 square foot production facility. It is outfitted with high precision woodworking tools and equipment, and staffed with dedicated and skilled craftsmen.

Tight tolerances, fine craftsmanship, and superior function are hallmarks of the cabinetry we produce. The artisans at The Lab will take your project to the highest level, from matching color and grain in the selection of materials, to producing perfect joinery, to the final fit and finish of your project.


6026 Pillsbury Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Office: 612-827-4455
Email: info@welchforsman.com